Bye Snow, Hello Rain

The snow is mostly all melted once it started raining over the weekend and there is a tiny lump of snow on my balcony from what used to be Sammy, the snowman that lived with us since Saturday. It was so sad to watch him dwindle away plus, all the slush that the rain had created was the absolute pits. It’s funny to see grass on the apartment grounds again because I would normally never walk on grass (I have an abnormal fear of walking on grass) but last week I was having a blast just walking all over it, seeing how deep my boots sank into the snow.

Here’s some pictures of Sammy leading up to his disappearance:

IMG_6026Saturday, Feb 8th right after I made him

IMG_6066Monday night after a couple of rainy days

IMG_6071Earlier today: reduced to sticks, coal and a carrot (the hat and scarf were removed days ago because of all the rain and wind)

I did also compile a short and sweet video of the lovely snowstorm:

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2 thoughts on “Bye Snow, Hello Rain

  1. BB says:

    Oh no, Sammy!

  2. Cheryl says:

    fun video and cool song! wish i could go sledding :)

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