Revlon Limited Edition Lipstick Vintage Re-Releases

photo 1-2

This was the display I saw them in at my local Fred Meyer ($7.99 retail price). I got 2 shades:



L: Snow Peach R: Fifth Ave Red


Snow Peach, a pink based coral. I don’t find that it leans too cool or too warm.


Fifth Ave Red, a deep blue-based classic red. You can’t really mess up with this one.


The closest lipstick that I have that looks somewhat similar to Snow Peach is Maybelline Vivids in Shocking Coral (left; Snow Peach is one the right). The only difference is that Shocking Coral is a tad brighter, saturated and more “loud” (um, vivid?).


L: Snow Peach R: Shocking Coral


I thought I’d compare Fifth Ave Red (left) to another popular red so I chose Maybelline’s Red Revival (right). They are very close in color but Maybelline has a deeper red pigment:


L: Fifth Ave Red R: Red Revival

Formula-wise, they feel just as great as the rest of the Super Lustrous lipstick line, which is probably my favorite drugstore lipstick variety. It’s very smooth and wears well and they have no detectable fragrance unlike the ┬ásuper perfume-y Super Lustrous line from the 90s (I say 90s because that’s when I started wearing lipstick). I will say that these 2 shades I picked up have buildable opacity. They don’t apply fully opaque on the first swipe so you’ll need a few swipes to get it to be like the color on the tube.



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3 thoughts on “Revlon Limited Edition Lipstick Vintage Re-Releases

  1. Thanks so much for this post! I am so excited about these! Especially Fifth Avenue Red!

  2. […] got another color from the limited edition Revlon Super Lustrous lipstick collection. It’s Sandstorm, which was released in 1999. I’ve never heard of this color because in […]

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