To Serve Man (and YES Galactic in Pearl)


My Pee-Wee Herman babies, the “Galactic” by YES in Pearl. On the website, it looks like a pearly white patent but they’re actually a dingy pearly white. Still, they’re very cool. I am so going to find me a grey blazer to wear with my grey pants and do a Pee-Wee Herman look with these shoes. If only I had permission to stand up on a bar counter and dance to Tequila.

(see my red “Galactic” shoes here)

So lucky to have gotten these shoes on sale because last week, Solestruck had this March Madness thing going on where people got to vote online for the shoe brands they wanted on sale. It started off at 30% off with 4 winners and from those 4 winners, 2 were going to be at 40% off then between those two, one brand would be sold at 50% off. During the 40% off voting, it was between Miista and YES and I was voting the shit out of YES the whole day (well, not the WHOLE day) and for a while it was in the solid lead then all of a sudden the votes for YES were not registering and Miista votes started coming up out of nowhere. Even in the poll comments, people were complaining that they couldn’t get any YES votes in. Strange, right?

So anyway, Miista became the winning brand (though, unfairly I may add) but there was a “glitch” and the website suddenly switched the winner to YES and I jumped on it immediately and ordered the shoes. Out of curiosity, 20 minutes after ordering, I checked on Solestruck to see if YES was still the winner but they switched it back to Miista, while YES back to full price…so score!!

Speaking of sales, this dvd box set of the entire Twilight Zone (including the hour-long season 4 episodes) was on sale on Amazon so B ordered it over the weekend and it arrived today. What’s your favorite episode?



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One thought on “To Serve Man (and YES Galactic in Pearl)

  1. B says:

    Eye of the beholder! Eye of the beholder!

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