It never fails

IMG_6919(Taal Lake, Philippines)

I’ve noticed that every time I return home from a trip abroad, I always get sick. It’s most likely from the plane trips and schedule changes (time zones) but I always seem to catch a cold even though I load up on Emergen-C packets and Airbone tabs before the flight and during the flight.

Well, I’m sick again and I’m dosing myself with oil of oregano (people say it tastes nasty but to me, it tastes like pizza sauce minus the tomatoes) and a mixture of water with several drops of Peppermint Cure:

ricqles-peppermint-cureI picked this up in Hong Kong for $31 HKD. I wanted to get this last time I was there but didn’t so I got it this time around. Before knowing what this stuff was, I mainly drawn to the old school packaging and bottle. It just looks like it was found inside a time capsule. It’s supposed to help relieve stomach issues and headaches but I feel like it can’t hurt if I use it for colds just because it’s minty and smells refreshing.

OH and here’s a useful tip: It’s about 2 oz and even though it’s 80 % alcohol (it does look like airplane liquor), I removed it from the box and put it in my TSA clear liquids baggie with no problems.

I was only in HK for 2 days. Believe it or not, I only visited ONE Sasa store and for about 10 minutes since it was right before closing. I only got a few items (Biore sunscreen and Heroine Make mascara) since I got a ton of makeup on my last visit in December so I didn’t really need any new items. Our stay in HK was supposed to just be one day but we didn’t make it on our Sunday flight since it was overbooked so we tried for Monday and made it on. The bulk of the trip was spent in the Philippines where I saw my parents again, met up with my relatives from Hawaii and attended the 50th wedding anniversary/ceremony of my uncle (mom’s brother) and auntie. We were only there for a week and every single day was jam packed with activities. We really had no “rest day” on this “vacation”. We even did stuff up until we were dropped off at the airport. There was no such thing as leisure time or sleeping in. More like staying up late and waking up at the butt crack of dawn every day. The only “real” sleeping in I’ve done was in HK when I woke up at a late 8am!

IMG_7126Reunited with my Hawaii family!

Since I knew we’d have limited time in HK, my only real goals were to eat at Ichiran ramen again and take a picture at each stop on the MTR Island line. Happy to say I accomplished my goals:

IMG_7335Level 16 spiciness at Ichiran (Causeway Bay). You can go up to level 10 for free but 11-20 level is an extra $10 HKD. In December I tried level 10 and decided that I can go higher. This time, I settled on 16x spicier even though I wanted to do 20x. 16x was decently spicy but because there was so much chili powder, it made the soup a bit gritty and I didn’t like that. The soup was still very delicious. I don’t know if I’ll go up to 20x if I ever go back because of the grittiness. Still, my favorite ramen I’ve ever had. We even had Butao ramen the next day (I ordered their spicy Red King ramen) and it was “meh” in comparison.



Here is a collage of all the MTR Island Line stops in order from the Chai Wan station located on the eastern side of Hong Kong Island westward to Sheung Wan. This was accomplished by getting off at each station, snapping a quick picture (all shots are one take except for Central since we were hanging around that area beforehand) and jumping back inside the train before the door closed. It was a little tricky because we had to snap the photo before it became too congested with people. If I knew I’d be staying in HK longer, I would’ve brought coordinating outfits to match with each station. That’ll be my next goal.


One thought on “It never fails

  1. Maria Escalante says:

    feeling the same now. auntie bubut is leaving tomorrow and i will get all the rest that i need after she leaves , my morning and afternoon nap.



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