Farmers Market Finds

IMG_8105Last week, I went to the farmer’s market by the co-op and picked up some things that I’ve never tried before in addition to the very familiar strawberries, radishes, kale and mustard (though I’ve never tried purple mustard before). Those curly green onion looking things are called garlic scapes. They’re actually the stems of hardneck garlic flower buds that are typically cut off to redirect the energy into growing bigger bulbs. I googled recipes for garlic scapes and the most popular search result was garlic scape pesto (made the same way as basil pesto). I will make a separate post on these cool scapes because I’m expecting 5 lbs to arrive at my doorstep soon. The leafy greens with the long stalks in the foreground are called Misome which is very new to me and I asked the vendor how it’s typically prepared and she said you can use it the same way you’d use spinach (so in salads, stews, sautéed). The leaves remind me of chard or dino kale.

I decided to throw the misome into a stew just because I admittedly had old carrots and limp celery in my fridge that needed to be used up and I figured a stew would help conceal the fact that my carrots were sort of drying up. I found a can of kidney beans, a can of italian style tomatoes, chopped up onion, used a chicken bouillon cube and simmered away.


The misome is on the right. The left are radish tops also from the farmers market haul. I try to use every part of the plant when possible (beet tops, carrot tops, celery leaves).


Midway through the simmering, I added maybe a quarter cup of buckwheat groats to add more body to the stew. When I finally got to eat it, it tasted kind of like a minestrone so I was happy it turned out well. I also spiked it with some parmesan shavings.


Also recently (last week) I was out of town for a wedding and had a layover in Phoenix. My sister reminded me to get some cactus candy because we would eat that during our family trips to the Grand Canyon. Brings back memories!


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  1. omar escalante says:

    Tintin you should open a Resto.. Pops

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