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Some current Youtube uploads

I really try to upload a new video once a week on my youtube channel:

Some dark lipsticks for fall. Yep. every year, every fall season dark lipsticks seems to be the trend.


And I made a new macarons video! 3 years ago and I made and filmed macarons for the first time so I had beginners luck all of them turned out well (had good feet!) but this time, I had some problems with some feet not developing. It’s ok, it came out well for the most part too.

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More Portland Black Lipstick Co. swatches!!

(notice how the white balance went all crazy when I photographed the blue colors!)

I ended up ordering Indigo Bridge and Artificial Amethyst and asked for these samples. The colors are more saturated in real life; I used my phone camera to take pictures of them so they’re a little washed out. Bug’s blood and The Purple Cloud are my favorites of the samples. Bug’s blood is a pretty stain that can be sheer or deep depending on the amount of product used. It’s what I’d imagine Benefit’s BeneTint to be in a lip balm form. It’s so pretty!

Order here at Portland Black Lipstick Co.

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Blood Red lipstick swatches

If I’m not wearing classic red lipstick, I’m wearing darker, blood red shades. They’ve always been a favorite of mine and I’m always on the search for good dark red shades. They’re not vampy dark; they just have a brown or yellow base that looks more like blood than retro red lipstick.

I made a video showing a few shades of blood red that I like but unfortunately, I didn’t use natural light to film it so the colors might be a little skewed. I’ve taken natural daylight shots of them using my phone camera so you can get a better idea of what they really look like:

Honestly, the colors are slightly deeper in real life; I just don’t have working “real” camera at the moment to take more accurate pictures.

A few comments: Revlon’s Raisin Rage has a plummy undertone and the camera really picked up on that but in person it’s a reddish mahogany plum shade which looks more red than plum which is why I’ve included it in the lineup. NARS Fire Down below is my favorite of them all. It also happens to be the most expensive ($24, I think from Sephora) and I just love their description: “Pure blood red with no blue or orange.” It looks brown in the tube which may turn off some people but it’s really really RED. A gorgeous deep, blood red.

A good alternative to NARS is Portland Black Lipstick Co.’s “Blood Red” which is just as gorgeous but it leans more brown than red. It’s still a red shade, though. The best part is that it’s only $9.00 here.

Revlon’s Blackberry is a nice deep red shade. I’ve read that it’s been compared to MAC Dubonnet (I don’t own this). It’s not the deep berry shade from the 90s but it’s still a lovely, affordable deep red.

NYX Alabama (this was NOT shown in the video) is a little brighter than the rest of the line up but it’s a warm toned red that is like a “brighter” blood red if that makes any sense. I love the NYX Matte lipstick line, the colors are so pigmented and it applies like butter.

I would also recommend MAC Viva Glam I as a good deeper warm-toned red shade. I do have that but didn’t swatch it as it’s such a common color.

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Black lips from the Portland Black Lipstick Company


Recently, I ordered black lipstick from local business, the Portland Black Lipstick Company whose motto is “All natural makeup for that un-natural look”. This online shop is the place for you if you are into non traditional lipstick shades. Luckily, since I live in the area, I got my order the next day after the owner, Kim, had shipped it. Ordering was a breeze and Kim is sweet. She allowed me to sample other colors (I chose Blood Red and a shimmer rose gold called Lux et Voluptas; swatches to come soon) and she included a sample of iridescent glitter called The Deeps.

I am thrilled about this lipstick! It has to be the most densely pigmented and opaque black lipstick I’ve tried. I don’t actually wear black lipstick regularly, aside from when I went through an all black phase in high school (yay for more 1996 fun!—that same year I also wore a blue lipstick by then-brand-new company Urban Decay called Frostbite, I think. It was such a terrible formula; it was uneven and a little gritty) but the ones I’ve used were too shiny or too sheer and since this formulation is perfection, I am looking forward to wearing it in the days to come.

Another cool thing about the lipstick is that it’s mint scented. Not too strong, just a nice hint of mint which is very unexpected coming from a blacker than black lipstick! I really want to add Blood Red to my collection because deep red lipsticks are another favorite if mine (oh MAC, why did you ever discontinue Carnal???). I can totally foresee myself getting some of the more fun colors from this place. This is what I love about lipstick, you can change colors several times a day depending on mood. I wish more people wore colorful lips. I’m not hating on the nude lips club because I am too, a member but life is too short to always be playing it safe (makeup wise)!


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